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Get instant Bitcoin miner hosting rates in secure USA data centers based on your desired power costs, location and mining volume.

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We offer cryptocurrency mining colocation services for Bitcoin mining hardware including ASIC and GPU mining rigs.

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Our crypto colocation and Bitcoin miner hosting providers offer datacenter mining farms and traditional mining colocation datacenters across the globe with everything you need.

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We only partner with mining farms and mining colocation providers that provide full 24/7 enterprise grade security and access both at the physical location and digitally.  Protect your investment with our quote finding services.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Mining

If your blockchain needs reliable and secure hosting, Bitcoin Mining Colocation offers a hassle-free solution. Serving both the United States and Canada, Bitcoin Mining Colocation provides an affordable, maintenance-free experience in a cooled, high-security facility. The company hosts bitcoin-specific Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chips at attractive rates.

These chips were created to only mine bitcoins, and they cannot be utilized in any other way. Their design substantially lowers power consumption while increasing the hashing power by 100 times or more. ASIC chips require expert installation, special software and operation within a carefully cooled environment that has a consistent power feed.

The Bitcoin Mining Colocation data center is located in Canada, where the cold climate assists with cooling operations. The state-of-the-art facility is run using very strict standards and best-practice guidelines. These policies ensure that customers receive the highest return on their mining efforts.

The host provides secure and fast installation of bitcoin software and accompanying mining hardware requirements. The highly valuable ASIC miners will produce lucrative returns if they are professionally handled with care. The hosting center and its colocation services are located in geographically beneficial areas that provide optimal conditions for cooling, which help customers avoid the problems associated with mining. Bitcoin Mining Colocation also maintains, monitors and updates all miners to keep them running smoothly and ensure the maximum return on investment for its customers.

The specifications are as follows:

• 240 volt power feed to keep miners working hard

• Around the clock hardware and software monitoring

• Canadian facility for optimal climate control

• Three layers of independent cooling systems

• Fiber connectivity for guaranteed uptime

• Virtual and physical security systems that meet financial grade requirements

The mining process starts with these four steps:

• The customer chooses a hosting package and completes the signup process

• installs and configures the customer’s set up at the facility

• Mining begins in the optimal, well-maintained and affordable environment

• The customer collects bitcoins without the high power bills and heat issues associated with mining.

Bitcoins are digital currency that have become very valuable in recent years. They are desirable because they are not under any government’s control, are digitally signed and are accepted as payment almost anywhere. A person can obtain bitcoins by buying them outright, taking them as payment for a service or a product, or by mining them.

Unlike printed money, the coins are created (mined) through special programs and computers around the world. This combination is able to solve extremely complex mathematical problems and allow for mining. The mining process is done with a peer-to-peer, decentralized network that verifies and secures each transaction to a specific public ledger. Mining is how new bitcoins are created and added to the global system. Those who mine are paid a fee and a percentage of the new coins.

Mining bitcoins is a resource-intensive process that consumes massive amounts of power while creating a great deal of searing heat. This makes it impossible to do on a personal computer. Those who mine coins need special maintenance and storage to ensure the best outcome. Bitcoin Mining Colocation will host, maintain and upgrade a mining setup in a controlled environment, giving customers the best return on their investment.

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